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Unemployment Should Be The Focus

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Consider the following statistics:

12 million – Number of people unemployed.
4 million- Number of people unemployed for one year or more.

30% – chance of someone unemployed for five weeks finding a job.
10% – chance of someone unemployed for twenty-seven weeks finding a job.

25% – increase in unemployed people from December 2009 to December 2010.
30% – people, including college graduates, unemployed for more than a year.

Shouldn’t politicians be focused on ways to reduce unemployment?


Employment News Grim

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Corporate profits are at record highs. The economy is producing as much as before the downturn. Yet business spending goes more to equipment purchases than hiring employees. Consider the following:

• Equipment purchases are up twenty-six per cent, aided by tax incentives.
• Most of the equipment is manufactured overseas.
• Equipment costs have dropped by two per cent since the recovery,

Yet news for workers remains bleak. There are seven million fewer jobs in 2011 than at the start of the recovery. Hiring by businesses is up only two per cent since 2009, the start date for the recovery. Labor costs have risen over six per cent during the period, mostly due to health care increases.

This is devastating news for working people.

Bad Credit Score Can Hurt Job Prospects

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About 60 percent of employers now check credit reports on job applicants. In the 1990’s, only 20 percent of employers used credit reports. The bottom line is that your poor credit score can hold you back from getting a job.

Bankruptcy helps you to clean up your credit history. In my experience, about 9 out of 10 of my clients see an improvement in their credit score within a year of filing for bankruptcy.