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Understanding MERS

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MERS is a way for mortgage companies to sell mortgages to one another quickly and with low cost. MERS is a straw party named as the owner of the mortgage. But it doesn’t really own it. But on county records across the country, MERS appears as the owner of millions of mortgages. As I said, the system was designed to avoid the costs involved in transferring mortgages among different owners. In theory, MERS keeps track of who owns the underlying mortgage. In practice, MERS does not keep accurate records. According to a recent study, fewer than 30% of mortgages held by MERS had accurate records.

And so the system, designed by the mortgage companies for speed and to control costs, is going to make solving the foreclosure problem much slower and more expensive.


Jobless Rate Rises In January

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Unemployment in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky climbed to 10% as of January 2011. January marks the twenty-third month with more than 100,000 people unemployed in the region. During the same period, more workers gave up looking and dropped out of the job market.

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New Foreclosure Developments

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Two million homeowners are in foreclosure nationwide. Another two million home loans are severely distressed.

The state attorney generals have presented a list of demands to mortgage lenders that prohibit foreclosure during pending loan modification. That would be a major change from the way lenders now conduct business. Usually I see modifications and foreclosures pending on the same loan with homeowners hopelessly confused.

Another demand would require a permanent loan modification once the borrower made three payments on the loan. An independent review panel would check loan modifications that were denied.